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Mathematics professional development coach and consultant

I am a specialist and leader in the field of mathematics education. I have committed the last ten years of my career working with teachers and children to learn about math development. This has been such a rewarding and exciting journey for me! In mathematics education, there are many deeply entrenched myths about who can learn mathematics. I've witnessed countless children recognize that they are capable of learning math and that math is interesting and worthwhile to learn. I've watched many teachers come to realize that all children can and should be able to access high level math learning, and that they are capable of helping children do that.  These are life changing moments because proficiency in math is so empowering in life. Math is necessary to everyday life and opens doors to a myriad of interesting careers.

You might be one of the many parents looking for high quality information and resources to help your children at home. That's what this site is all about.


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